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Lindsey came into the office with a heavy tax burden, owing over $22K owned by her ex-husband who would not take responsibility. She was given three options of resolution and it was determined that an Offer In Compromise would be the best course of action. IRS Problem Solvers’ experts took the case and they were successful! Lindsey’s Offer in Compromise was accepted for $500.00 and the case was closed. A call was made to see if she would consider using our CPA services and Lindsey said, “I actually do my own taxes, but I want to tell you how much I appreciate your team. I will let everyone know that Phil Liberatore is the best place to go for any tax issues. I will never forget -- from start-to-finish how professional the Liberatore team was through the kindness they showed and when they prayed for me. I knew then, I was directed by God to make the difficult call and I have never looked back. Thanks be to God, and to you Mr. Liberatore, as well as your awesome staff!”



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"When I first came to IRS Problem Solvers, my debt with the IRS was over $100,000. By the time everything was completed, I paid nothing." - Nancy