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Our specialists represent over 125 years of experience in resolving tax issues. They have the ability to assess each situation and provide the most cost effective solutions to the most complex situations.



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When you have major league tax problems. Phil Liberatore IRS Problem Solvers is your heavy hitter.

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We care about your problems and can offer you expert solutions. Our specialists represent over 125 years of experience in resolving IRS problems.

Unfiled Tax Returns

Many taxpayers fail to file required tax returns for many reasons. The taxpayer must be aware that failure to file tax r...

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Offer In Compromise

The IRS Offers in Compromise program provides taxpayers that owe the IRS more than they could ever afford a chance to pa...

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Statute of Limitations

The IRS has 10 years from the date of assessment (usually close to the filing date) to collect all taxes, penalties and ...

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Installment Agreements

The IRS will always accept some type of payment arrangement for past due taxes.
In order to qualify for a payment...

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Bank Levy Release

An IRS levy is the action taken by the IRS to collect taxes. For example, the IRS can issue a bank levy to obtain your ...

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Tax Preparation

Our significant investment in computerized tax preparation and research software enables us to accurately and efficientl...

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Penalty Abatement

There is hope! Taxpayers that are hit with IRS penalties can request the penalties to be abated. Abated means to complet...

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Currently Not Collectible

Currently Non Collectible is a program offered by the IRS for taxpayers experiencing economic hardship. This status mean...

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Garnishment Release

The IRS wage garnishment is a very powerful tool used to collect taxes owed through your employer. Once a wage garnishme...

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Innocent Spouse Relief

Taxpayers often find themselves in trouble with the IRS because of their spouses or ex-spouse's actions. The IRS realize...

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Irs Representation

During our years of experience dealing with many taxing authorities, we have achieved a level of competence that can ens...

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Audit Representation

The IRS can audit you by mail, in their offices, or in your office or home. The location of your audit is a good indicat...

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