Lindsey came into the office with a heavy tax burden, owing over $22K owned by her ex-husband who would not take responsibility. She was given three options of resolution and it was determined that an Offer In Compromise would be the best course of action.

IRS Problem Solvers’ experts took the case and they were successful! Lindsey’s Offer in Compromise was accepted for $500.00 and the case was closed. A call was made to see if she would consider using our CPA services and Lindsey said, “I actually do my own taxes, but I want to tell you how much I appreciate your team. I will let everyone know that Phil Liberatore is the best place to go for any tax issues. I will never forget — from start-to-finish how professional the Liberatore team was through the kindness they showed and when they prayed for me. I knew then, I was directed by God to make the difficult call and I have never looked back. Thanks be to God, and to you Mr. Liberatore, as well as your awesome staff!”


Karl was referred to Phil over 20 years ago by a coworker and met him in what he referred to as “that tiny little conference room.” Karl had moved out of state about 10 years ago and switched to a local tax preparer because he didn’t know he could still use our services while living out of state. When he moved back to California he came back to work with Phil immediately, because he felt his other preparer wasn’t giving him all of his deductions. Phil amended a few years of tax returns and got Karl back his refunds! Karl said, “I never want to go through that nightmare again!” Karl is a client for life even if he moves out of state again.


After 16 years of loyalty, Laura still says “WOW.” Laura recently came in to receive the results of their latest tax return and she couldn’t believe it. She said, “You guys are the absolute best and after all these years you still deliver the best results and the best service! That’s why we keep coming back year after year.”


Roger came into our offices for the first time and met with Phil. He was so surprised how fast and efficient Phil worked on his behalf. He said, “Wow!!! I didn’t expect this. What great service!” Roger walked away with a big smile and a bag full of Liberatore CPA goodies.


When Ken came into our office initially, he was concerned about his ability to pay for all of his tax returns at one time. We told him we could do one year at a time, as soon as he could get the initial funds for payment for one year. Ken was surprised and thrilled to be able to get started, since this was a heavy burden that had been troubling him. To our surprise, he came in the same afternoon and instead of just paying for one year, he paid for all the back taxes he owed.
After seeing Ken’s reaction, we could see the joyous relief of finally getting his life back on track! He echoed the same and said, “Thank You Liberatore Team!”


Diane called the office and asked if we could assist her with some information she needed. She was in the process of beginning a refinance and needed both a copy of the last two years of personal and business taxes, in addition to a copy of her 2015 extension. We told her we would be happy to e-mail her copies of the needed items and would watermark them to hide her social security number. When she got the emails she was pleased with the way we protected our clients and said she had everything in hand for the refinance. She said, “Phil Liberatore’s office has done it again! Not only did they take care of my need but went beyond what I was expecting. Thank you for always going the extra mile. Your office made my day!”


Lynn called and shared that her mom has a terminal disease and hadn’t filed her taxes in years. We prepared the taxes and contacted her to inform her that the taxes were ready for her review, she started to cry. She said to tell Phil and his staff they will never know how much their kindness, from beginning to the end of filing, meant to her. Now she can focus on her mom and the time they have left together, since we removed the burden that both felt from unfiled taxes. She said, “thank you from the bottom of my heart.”