I first met with Phil and the IRS Problem solvers after trying to deal with the IRS for 10 years on my own. The claim was for over $50,000 that went back over 10 years and they had begun to garnish my wife’s wages and my wages. After meeting with Phil and his team we were able to stop the wage garnishment after just 2 or 3 days. After that we refiled our taxes, Phil and Joe Colombo were able to help me out and the entire suit was dropped and I’m very happy with Phil and his team.


After I called Phil it was almost like the mountain fell off my back, it just disappeared. When Phil came back to me and said, “They owe you $12,500” I felt I won the 10th round with a knockout.


When Phil finished all his work, I actually didn’t have to pay the IRS one dime. My IRS problems are behind me and I am now the owner of a company.


When I first came to IRS Problem Solvers, my debt with the IRS was over $100,000. By the time everything was completed, I paid nothing.


I had problems with the IRS for over 3 years. Within 2 weeks of coming to IRS Problem Solvers the problems were resolved.


We were feeling such pain and stress and then we called IRS Problem Solvers. Within minutes we knew we were in the right place.


Phil Liberatore, CPA has had extensive experience in IRS management for nearly 35 years. He has successfully helped thousands of clients with all types of IRS problems


The IRS had put a lien on all of my husband’s accounts. They started garnishing his wages. The mental anguish of a relationship, newly married, two kids under 2 and trying to buy a house with a $40,000 debt to the IRS was really hard. My husband hadn’t filed for 3 different years … went to see Phil Liberatore at IRS Problem Solvers. He got it all cleared up. He did what it took and we actually got back $4,500! He’s great.


I feared prison. I felt totally helpless. I was about $5,000 in debt to the IRS. I finally called Phil Liberatore at the IRS Problem Solvers. He had the attitude ‘Hey, we’re going to fix this & we’re going to work this out!’ … there was no room for failure. I just took everything to him in one big mess and they said, ‘Oh, thank you.’ … I was just amazed. They made sense of it all and the outcome was terrific. Happy Days! I jumped up and I think I shouted. He cleaned up the whole thing. In the end they owed me $5,000


I was so depressed. I needed to refinance my house and get my mortgage down to where it was more manageable. I couldn’t because of these crazy tax liens of over $50,000 by my ex-husband. A lot of people told me that I’d never get them released & that it just never happens. I’m grateful to Phil and his team who took a very ugly situation and made something beautiful out of it. Both liens were released and I was able to refinance my house. Phil makes it happen!