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Currently Not Collectable Program

Currently Not Collectable Program

There are times where you may owe taxes, but you are not able to pay what you owe now as well as other financial responsibilities. Currently Non Collectible is a program offered by the IRS for taxpayers experiencing economic hardship. This status means the IRS will, for the time being, stop any collection action until the taxpayer’s situation improves. In such a situation, Currently Non Collectible status can provide much needed "breathing room." This is a window of time the taxpayer can use to get back on their feet and figure out a way to pay off the IRS without the immediate threat of collections activity. The Currently Non Collectible program does not prevent a Federal Tax Lien from being filed by the IRS and it does not extend the Statute of Limitations a taxpayer has to pay the federal tax debt.

It can be complicated to verify if you qualify for this status and how long you can be classified as Currently Not Collectable. Our team of tax professionals will evaluate your economic and tax situation to develop the best strategy for you moving forward, while also creating a plan to resolve current and future tax problems. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve financial and business health.



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"When I first came to IRS Problem Solvers, my debt with the IRS was over $100,000. By the time everything was completed, I paid nothing." - Nancy