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Books Authored by Phil Liberatore

God, Money & You: 101 Spiritual Answers to Your Financial Questions – 2009

Phil’s experience as a trusted accounting expert and IRS problem solver has enabled him to help thousands of people thrive financially. Philip L. Liberatore uses his professional expertise and Biblical perspective to empower people to overcome obstacles by drawing on the highest source of financial wisdom to manage money.

An Inside Look at the IRS – 2010

Phil dedicated this book to the thousands of clients that he has helped. Millions of people suffer from IRS problems physically, financially, and emotionally. The IRS can ruin your life if you allow them to. It is pertinent to take an inside look at the IRS to gain knowledge and fight back. Stop IRS pain and get your life back.

How to Solve All of Your Financial Problems – 2010

In this wide ranging yet deeply personal book, Tax Accountant Extraordinaire and IRS Problem Solver, Phil Liberatore shares a lifetime of experience helping people from all walks of life solve their financial problems. This book is filled with practical advice, spiritual insights, and time-proven Biblical wisdom, ‘how to solve all of your financial problems’ is sure to unlock the secrets you need to finally achieve the kind of financial security that God wants to bless you with.

Discovering Your Edge for a Fruitful Life – 2012

If you want to truly experience a change in your spiritual and financial life, ‘the 10-10-10 lifestyle’ will help you discovers how to successfully plant seeds that will result in a fruitful harvest that will transform your lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams.

God, Money, & You: 60 Days of Financial Answers to Change Your Life – 2016

In 60 days of unchanging financial truths, you will navigate how to interact with your money practically and spiritually. God, Money and You is designed to walk you through some challenging financial situations and is broken down into six sections accompanied by a paperback workbook. This 60 day devotional will review: What the Bible Says About Money Understanding the Basics of Money Managing Your Money Responsibly Making your Money Work For You Dealing With Financial Burdens Growing Your Business and Your Money

To learn more about these books or to purchase, please contact our office directly at: 562-404-7996.



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"When I first came to IRS Problem Solvers, my debt with the IRS was over $100,000. By the time everything was completed, I paid nothing." - Nancy