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Failed to pay taxes? If you make more than $100,000, the IRS may pay you a visit.

There’s a new incentive to file a tax return this year: An Internal Revenue Service agent may be making a house call if you don’t. The IRS is increasing efforts to reach high-income individuals who have failed to file at least one or more tax returns in recent years as a last-ditch attempt to encourage compliance, the agency said on Wednesday. This would be the final step before the agency would pursue more severe...

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Taxes 2020: These two groups of taxpayers face the highest audit rates

Taxes are one of life’s certainties, but getting audited by the IRS is increasingly less certain these days. In fact, an audit is about half as likely as it was five years ago. Even so, some groups face higher audit rates than others. The tax agency is auditing fewer individual taxpayers not because we’re more honest, but because the IRS is working with fewer employees. The agency’s workforce has dropped from...

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Top IRS Challenges For Taxpayers in 2020

From refund delays and aging technology to confusing audit letters, here are the top 10 challenges filers face this year, according to the report: 1. Customer service The IRS received roughly 100 million telephone calls in fiscal-year 2019, and customer service representatives answered just 29% of them, the report said. The solution? Congress needs to provide the necessary funding to the IRS for adequate staffing and a...

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Don’t Be Duped By Clever Scammers

Article Highlights: Scammers disguise e-mails to look legitimate. Legitimate businesses and the IRS never request sensitive personal and financial information by e-mail. Don’t become a victim. Stop – Think – Delete Be alert for phony letters and phone calls You may think we harp on you a lot about protecting yourself against identity theft and tax scams. You are right… but we do it because having your...

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New IRS Rule Will Help Lower Drug Costs

Life may get a bit easier for millions of Americans with chronic medical conditions who struggle to pay for their medical care. The IRS recently released formal guidance that allows insurers who sponsor high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) linked to health savings accounts (HSAs) to cover 14 essential services used to treat chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma before patients hit their deductibles....

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Key Lessons in IRS Response to Not Filing Your Taxes

Some people are late, and some seem to fall off the grid, with many years of failures. But the IRS usually catches up. At that point, taxes, interest and penalties can be crushing, and it can even mean jail in some cases. Once you fall behind, in filing returns, payments, or both, it can be tough to face the financial and other impediments to getting back on track. And it can seem like the IRS rules are stacked against...

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National Tax Security Awareness Week Begins

IR-2019-192, December 2, 2019 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service and the Security Summit partners opened this year’s National Tax Security Awareness Week with a warning for holiday shoppers on Cyber Monday to secure their computers and mobile phones to reduce the threat of identity theft. During the holiday season, criminals take advantage of large numbers of people shopping online to steal identities...

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IRS Encourages Taxpayers to be ready for Tax Filing Season

Get Ready for Taxes:  Get ready today to file 2019 federal income tax returns The Internal Revenue Service today urged taxpayers to act now to avoid a tax-time surprise and ensure smooth processing of their 2019 federal tax return. This is the first in a series of reminders to help taxpayers get ready for the upcoming tax filing season.  To that end, a special page, newly updated and available on IRS.gov, outlines...

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The IRS Is Hot on the Trail of Unreported Virtual Currency Transactions

Article Highlights: Coinbase Disclosure IRS Compliance Letters New 1040 Question Reporting under Penalty of Perjury Treated as Property Employee Payments Independent Contractor Income Information Reporting New IRS Guidance Back in 2018, Coinbase, a company handling virtual currency (also referred to as cryptocurrency) transactions, released the data of 14,000 of its users to the IRS after the information was...

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3 Common Personal Income Tax Problems & How to Respond

Tax problems aren’t just a worry that hang over people’s heads from January through April every year. Many of them go far beyond the numbers that you report, and they can require additional evidence that your bank statements and paychecks can’t provide. Additionally, the IRS isn’t the only source of those problems: state tax authorities are hungry for revenue, and if you divide your time among...

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